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Modest Street Fashion is a book of photographs that commemorates the emerging culture of modest street style which has erupted around the world. It is the first book to visually document this ever growing international trend that has exploded from the streets of Kuala Lumpur to the alleys of New York City. Profiling some of the top ‘hijabistas’ this is a must-have inside look into a twenty-first-century genesis of a faith driven style.


Fashionistas, Hijabistas, Turbanistas. From New York to Jakarta and Brussels to Melbourne, these new style types signify an emerging global trend that is Modest Fashion. Detroit based photographer, Langston Hues, documents this phenomenon by capturing stylish ensembles of women across the globe for his upcoming photo book, ‘Modest Street Fashion’.

With a background in anthropology, Hues cites his travels as akin to a contemporary ethnography.  He states the manifestation of modest fashion is based on women’s expression of identity through their dress, ‘My book is not just about Muslim Fashion, but about modest fashion trends’.  In encapsulating these images, Hues says his book  “will include faith-driven fashion designers, bloggers and a large number of their followers who dress modestly but are stylish at the same time”. 

Women opting to dress modestly are increasingly exploring unconventional dimensions of conservative or traditional dress, whilst still maintaining an adherence to their spiritual values. “Women who chose to cover themselves were an anomaly a few years back and, in some cases, criticized,” says Hues. “Today, they are reaching out to like-minded people and have a massive following throughout the world.”

Having observed the confluence of spirituality and fashion in his work since 2008, Hues latest photography tour documents women fusing current fashion with their personal style through his internationally acclaimed signature street portraits.

Hues’ shortlists candidates following enthusiastic responses from a call-out on social media prior to his arrival in countries. The momentum of his success ensures a snowball effect with every new country visited.

In addition to the street photography, Hues also creates video logs to record participants’ views and opinions on the modest street evolution. This effective deployment of social media nurtures a growing fan base numbering in the tens of thousands as followers  track him along the Modest Street Fashion journey.  

Commencing this journey from his hometown of Detroit, Hues’ has photographed in excess of 400 style conscious candidates across the United States, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East, encompassing over 20 countries and 25 cities to date. 

Hues maintains his objective is not to regulate what modest fashion is, but to create a book documenting the global trend it represents.

In keeping with the international pace of his journey, Hues’ highly anticipated photo book is due for release by the end of 2014, and will be launched around the world in various countries included in his photo tour repertoire.  


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